Thursday, April 23, 2009

bday family dinner #2

tonight, we went over to my mom and dad's house to celebrate my and karla's birthday with our side of the family. as jay would say, "i think this is celebration number 20." it's true. LOL. mom had a feast awaiting for us, and you could smell it as soon as you walked through the door. she cooked chicken mushroom, rice, sweet and sour pork, and squash casserole. it was so yummy. i lurves squash. we ate dinner in the dining room as we all conversed about the weekend filled with funny stories, and then we headed to the den to play with all the kids.tita karmie came up with the mabster's nickname ("abby" = m"AB"ster) so she felt lyla needed one too. so as of tonight, lyla's new nickname is "toshy." karmie said that the british term, "tosh" means ridiculous lies or silly talk ("lies" = "ly"la). it sounds cute, but i wonder if the meaning will upset her later in life? hehe. will see if it sticks. here is a picture of them two just being silly. we knew toshy would make this face so tita karmie did it too.and lastly, here is a pile up of tita karmie's nieces and nephew on her. notice the sparkly bling in karmie's teeth. yes, that's right, i'm sure she just got through brushing them just for this pic. that shit was not photo-shopped either. i promise you. there you go karmie, i just stroked your ego.(on a side note: as soon as we got home, i sat down with my laptop, and there pops up stacy on IM...she was going into labor!!!! and was on IM!?! god love her! her contractions were getting closer fast, and she was headed off to take a shower and then for the hospital. she said mitchelle was a nervous nellie. he called jay while they were on the car ride to the hospital to give him an update, and jay said you could hear stacy moaning in the background the whole time. too frakkin' funny!! OMG, baby caden has finally decided to come!!! just when she got notification to be induced next tuesday, here he comes on his due date! i am SOO unbelievably excited for them. can't wait to hold you, baby caden james!!!