Saturday, April 11, 2009

bday hopping

saturday, we went to two different birthday parties for two dear friends. the only trouble was, was that they were both at the same time. we'd figured that we'd make an effort to attend the first hour at one, and then enjoy the second hour at the other one since it was closer to home.

first stop was to celebrate sweet little emory's first birthday party. as soon as we got there, we were greeted by our college friends, and of course, said hello to the birthday girl. emory looked so sweet. when it came down to eat her smash cake, her momma had her naked as a jaybird and she tore. it. up. cake was flying! overall, it was a great party. happy 1st birthday, emory!!our second stop was at our local park for kolee-brooklann's first birthday party. we were running a lot later than what we had planned, but we still wanted to stop by. the mabster got to swing beside the birthday girl while keri, karla, and i talked about the earlier festivities. keri made the cutest little goody bags for the kids. the birthday theme was ladybugs, and everything looked absolutely adorable! happy 1st birthday, KB!!