Friday, April 17, 2009

bridesmaid luncheon

friday, karla and i headed to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for jessi's bridesmaid luncheon at 11:30am. it was the first event that kicked off her wedding weekend, and we were quite excited about it. it was the perfect weather for lunch in the gardens with the high of 74 and a refreshing wind. we were so excited to see all our friends from our college days and catch up as well as reminisce. it seems like everyone has moved out of state now for their careers, family, etc. so everyone all together at once was very nice.we drank mimosas and chatted, then sat down for lunch which included fried green tomatoes for an appetizer, and then chicken salad salad and fruit salad. it was delicious. i love kathy g catering, and actual went to high school with her family. my favorite though was the gorgeous charm cake.i've never seen this done before so i thought it was an awesome idea and very thoughtful. the gist of it is that jessi picked out a charm for each us that reminded her of us. the charm was tied to a string with our initials on it, and then we pulled it out all at the same time. who'da thunk'it? my charm was a photograph. :) once we licked off the icing to reveal our charm, jessi handed us something. it was a booklet that was put together that thanked us for being a part of her special day, and it explained why she picked the specific charm.the meaning behind my charm of photos was "life full of memories." she then proceeded to write that she found my charm appropriate since i am always the photographer, so on and so forth. i love it. maybe i should start charging??