Friday, April 24, 2009

caden james

baby caden james finally decided to enter this big ole' world early friday morning. i believe he arrived some time after 2 in the morning. all i knew is that i couldn''t fall asleep until i got the text message from mitchelle that he was here and everyone was doing great. so friday, i woke up running on fumes. i got no sleep, and i knew it was going to be an exciting crazy busy day. we headed out the door to meet some friends for a playgroup at lisette's house. from there, karla maria and i decided to meet the new little bundle of boy at the hospital. once we got there, this is what we saw...isn't he so stinkin' cute, and my oh my, what a BIG BOY!!! i'll never forget the text i got that said "9 lbs. 10 oz. linebacker!!" he gets that honest. his daddy can definitely not deny him as he is a "mini-mitchelle." i think his hands and feet alone weigh a pound. jay met us there as well, and together we took a family picture with our bestest.lastly, check out that proud big sister! i know lil B was just as excited as all of us to finally meet her baby brother. congrats to the mitchell family of four! life with two is SOO much fun, and you guys are going to have some awesome adventures along the way. we love you guys! XOXO


Karla said...

WELCOME CADEN JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are loved by many!