Saturday, April 25, 2009

dancing queen

saturday, the mabster got invited to a dancing princess party. it was held at the children's dance foundation in homewood (the same place where she attends her dance classes), and it was the first time for her to attend a birthday party there. i thought the theme was super cute since it called for all the girls to dress up in a princess gown so that they could dance around in it. the mabster wore her favorite (snow white) and looked so sweet. here's a group pic of all the little princesses...after they all enjoyed dancing for about 20-30 minutes, we all sang "happy birthday" to allison and watched her blow out the candles. later, the dance instructor laid down a sheet where the girls enjoyed ice cream, cake, and strawberries in the middle of the room. the mabster was loving every second of it and even tried to get her baby sister to sit beside her.we're so glad you enjoyed yourself, mabster, because both daddy and i enjoyed watching you dance behind the mirrored glass. furthermore, we want you to know that you and toshy will always be our little princesses. we love you girls.