Monday, April 6, 2009

easter eggstravaganza

monday, seis hosted an easter playdate at her house for all the kiddos. the evite stated that lunch would be provided, but be sure to bring an easter basket for the easter egg hunt and a camera for pics with the easter bunny. donations were also made to the first light shelter. we had been looking forward to this playdate all month! so we get there and all the kids are playing inside when out of no where, here comes the wonderful easter bunny prancing amongst the kids. as soon as the mabster saw him from up top of the stairs, she started waving and screaming, "heeeey easter bunny!!" it was seriously too once all the kids got their own pics taken with the easter bunny, we decide to have a miniature pile up of them with him. it was cute. they all loved him for the most part, but it was pretty funny to see some of the younger ones who wanted nothing to do with him or those who were still trying to figure out if he was cool or not. LOL. after the easter bunny left in order to finish his taxes, we herded up the kids with their easter baskets in tow and prepared them for the egg hunt. they were all excited and cooperated really well. once seis opened the door, they scattered like roaches.the mabster cut a hard right off the back porch where no other kid went (smart girl) and really racked up. lyla even found her own first easter egg with the help of blue momma, and she was all smiles once she finally got a grasp on it. once all the eggs were found, everyone sat on the back porch and frantically started eating all their yummy loot. the mabster even shared some jelly beans with mommy. she's nice like that.after most of the candy was inhaled by all the kids, they quickly ran around playing both inside and out. the funniest thing that happened that day was when some of the kids were playing in H and F's bedroom. their ant farm was toppled over and shaken, thus allowing some of the ants to escape. seis quickly noticed and screamed, "i need ya'lls help!" all the mommies went running into the room like bats outta hell. some started trying to step on them to kill them, and i remembering hearing one mom say, "do i need to grab the vacuum cleaner?!" seis is screaming, "no, don't kill the pets!" and together with only the brave moms, they began scooping them up and putting them back into their little case of a farm. i know it probably wasn't funny at the time, but damn, that's gut-grabbing hysterical if you ask me!! i can't make this stuff up even if i tried! (sigh) SO. MUCH. FUN. thank you, seis, for having us. it was a huge success, and the best damn easter egg hunt ever!!


Yankee Belle said...

Great times, great always. ALthough GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! Thank Goodness no one can tag me on these pictures. can you claim me as a friend when I look like that!?!!?!

Kim said...

oh hush, YB!! i'll claim you as a bestest any day! :)