Friday, April 24, 2009

the final birthday blowout

since the month of april was so incredibly slam packed for us, the last weekend was the only one open for our traditional Home Field birthday party. it's also tradition for karla and i to share the crazy celebration with my sister-in-law, gracie. every year for the past nine, we have always done this and always had a grand ole time. gracie's birthday is april the 9th, and ours is on the 14th. so here's to us, the birthday girls...28 never felt so great!!(FYI: karla maria and i totally did NOT plan to wear the same dress. it was mere coincidence and actually pretty funny. i guess great minds think alike because the dubba dubba twins ain't got nothin' on us!) also, here's a picture of what karmie thought about us and all our cheesy twinkie glory. just when she thought us wearing matching outfits ended at the age of three, boy was she the party started at 7:30pm where we ate dinner and enjoyed some drinks. the karaoke started at 9:00pm and after having a couple of drinks in us, we were ready to go. i was impressed at everyone who got up there to sing, especially a lot of the guys. i don't remember all of the songs, but i know karla maria and i did a mean rendition of "hurts so good" and "keep your hands to yourself." not to mention, we dedicated "baby got back" for baby caden since his parents couldn't be there. here's my attempts at a group pic followed by some random ones. i love you, bitches!(and why yes, that is indeed, jay's ass photo-bombing the group girl pic. surprised? of course not.)some of the highlights of the night and in no specific order were:

~ when papa john (jay's dad) announced our the birthday toast in front of god and everyone. a purple hooter shooter never tasted so good going down.
~ when karla and karmie performed their classic karaoking skills of "cripple creek."
~ trying to get a good enough picture of loretta in her sexy red shoulder cut-out, bedazzled outfit and bouffant hair.
~ mark singing the adam sandler song, "piece of shit car."
~ the guy who danced to the electric slide while smoking a cigarette.
~ we had the best conversations one night could possibly contain. the best.
~ karmie's interpretive dance moves were fakkin' hilarious.
~ the "tres amigos" blessed us with their presence and even posed for a funny pic.
~ karla maria knocked me around with her dairy air while we sang "baby got back."
~ and our DD, christi, had to climb over the passenger seat to get inside her car since someone obviously parked too close to even open up her door.
overall, it was a fantabulous time. we had a curfew of 12:30am since my mom was watching the girls for us and had to get up early in the morning to start carouseling at the junior league event. which in all honesty, i was glad we were given a curfew because i was exhausted. there's only so much fun one can have during their birthday month, and i believe we definitely exceeded it. thank you to all who came to help celebrate, to those who were there in spirit, and to those who will see us again around this time next year. you guys make my life sweet, and i'll never forget it. best. birthday. month. evah. I AM SPENT!!!!