Friday, April 10, 2009

happy birthday, lil E!

friday morning, i got the girls ready and we headed out for a birthday party/playdate for their friend E. it was her special day and she turned TWO! still can't believe it. the mabster loves hanging out and playing at A and E's house. all the kids always play so well with each other which allow the moms for more stress-free socializing. it's always a good combination.the mabster and lyla were so sweet. i sat lyla down on the floor so that she could play with some toys, and next thing i know, there was the mabster beside her holding her hand. i love seeing their sisterly love for each other. it makes me so proud.also, here's just a quick pic of some of the moms. someone said that we all looked good that day (ya know, the fact that we actually bathed, wore something cute, and got out the door on time is actually a big deal.) here's proof that we don't always look like ass...overall, we had a great time celebrating lil E's 2nd birthday. it was so cute watching her eat her know it's good when half of the icing ends up in her hair. happy birthday, lil E! we love you!


Yankee Belle said...

Happy Birthday cutie!!!! ANd Sherry - you're cold busted!!! lol

Kim said...

is brenda doing "the bullwinkle" on becca!? nice!