Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter!!

sunday marked lyla's first easter and the first time that the mabster actually "got" that there is an easter bunny. it was too cute. the girls woke up, saw their easter baskets, and started pulling everything out...well, the mabster did this. lyla pretty much just sat there smiling the whole time. in fact, the mabster claims that the easter bunny brought her two baskets and thought that the only need for one of them was a hat for baby sister. sweet messes.(side note: thank you to nan for making the mabster's easter dress. everyone loved it, and it's beautiful!)so after the mabster ate a box full of peeps for breakfast, we got the girls ready in their easter dresses, and headed for church. since this mass was a special one, we decided to meet my side of the family at the church we use to go to while growing up. this is also where we went to school during 1st-8th grade. sitting in the pews and listening to father o'conner felt so comforting and like home. we are now parishioners at our lady of sorrows (since the girls will go to school there), but st. barnabas will always have a special place in my heart. seeing a lot of people that we use to go to school with felt like a blast from the past. everyone was so excited to see each other, and it's crazy to see that everyone has kids of their own now too.after mass was over with, my sisters and i even ran next door to the school to peep inside the windows as we reminisced of our old grammar school days. it was crazy. it's really neat how some things change, and how some will always stay the same. oh, another reason why i love SBS so much is because of this plaque that is displayed on the back door of the church. this just confirms that Catholics really do have a great sense of humor...later, we all ate lunch with my family, and it ended up being a great easter. hope everyone enjoyed their easter as well!


Yankee Belle said...

I LOVE the sign!!! Hoppy Easter!