Friday, April 3, 2009

polyester bites

friday night, we had our monthly bunco night. hear, there, every wear was the hostess, and it was a lot of fun. we really enjoy playing bunco, but mostly, we just enjoy the great conversations that always take place. i don't know why, but it never fails that our topics are mostly raunchy and dirty. here's a couple of excerpts:
* HTE stated that her hubby would announce to her that he is going to work "commando" and that is how she knows it's time to do the laundry. nice.
* blue momma followed up that story with details of punkin and his "wing ding dance." hilarious.
* seis stated that she couldn't drink too much because she didn't want to roll up to her kid's soccer game at 7:50 in the morning and be labeled, "that mom." hehe.
* k-mom after rolling twice on accident, claimed that she was out of it because it was a "tough week and she's not drunk off her ass." as she should be. :)
* nolagirl is planning our girls trip. *squeal*
* laura was on a roll, but luckily, i was the first to break her 9 losses in a row. damn, that felt good...

but what didn't feel good was losing in the roll off for the biggest winner against seis. she busted out her lucky 4-leaf clover polyester dress and made yet another repeat win. i still can't believe i lost to that damn collar. seis claimed that the huge butterfly collar was her saving grace, and that they are "6 inches of love, 12 if you count both sides." again, from there, the chatter got dirty. here's a pic of me displaying my sportsmanship seis was given the title and cash winnings for the biggest winner, laura won for the biggest loser, and maggie won for the most buncos. overall, a great night despite me losing yet again. i swear, i was SO close i could taste it. oh well, what can you do? oh, and before i favorite and definitely the highlight of the night was when all of us were talking about the different names of sex positions and what they looked like. it was hysterical. some i knew, but some were a real eye opener. just by hearing the names of some, it's no wonder that only a man came up with it. i mean really. so the funniest sex position that we all talked about was "the bullwinkle." i am displaying what it looks like with seis in the group pic. it still makes me laugh. enjoy!