Tuesday, April 28, 2009

potty party, anyone?

over the past few months, the mabster has been doing a great job at potty-training. her "big girl potty chart" is filling up fast with stars (tee-tee) and smiley face (poopie) stickers galore. after she successfully does her duty, she gets a sticker and a handful of skittles. i am so proud of her. she's got it down to an art while at home (well, most days at least), but we've had a few accidents while on the go. it's hard having to remind her every 15 minutes, especially when she is so zoned into what she is doing. now if only i can learn to be more consistent and keep her in big girl panties every time we go out. i would almost pay any price for someone to do it for me. just the thought of having to walk with abby, carry lyla, the diaper bag, etc. all at one time while crunching into one public tiny nasty bathroom stall makes me cringe. augh, potty training is such an exciting, tedious, hilarious, aggravating, glorious process. here's a pic of the proud potty princess beside her chart.this week's pace has been a lot slower and much-needed so we've been having potty parties while we're at home. the mabster loves it, and i admit that it feels SO good watching her get so excited every time. she's filled up most of the tee-tee section with stars galore so after dinner tonight, we went to the store and let her pick out a surprise for being such a big girl. of all things, she chose pink barbie band-aids and had to put one on as soon as we got into the car. go figure. i love that sweet mess. in the words of bon jovi..."whoahhh, we're half way there..."