Friday, April 10, 2009

prom 2009

friday night, it was our turn (along with the wonderful mitchelle's) to host this month's supper club. we racked our brains with many different ideas when all of a sudden a theme came to me. i thought to myself, "what in april happens besides easter and my birthday?" oh yes...prom!! and so it began, "PROM 2009." i about pissed myself as i thought up of all the fun things we could do and ran with the potential of it being a great party. so i sent the e-vite out to get the tone started. the wording went a little like this...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please join us for a night to remember
as we celebrate supper club in a prom 2009 style.

Let's go back old school where we're so cool,
and dress up like some crazy fools!
Best dressed will be crowned "Prom King and Queen,"
and your own personal keepsake picture will be provided.
So if you never went to prom with your hubby,
here's your chance!

everyone was so excited. people were asking old friends and family if they still had any tacky prom dresses, and others headed out to thrift stores. we transformed the man cave into a disco explosion, and we set up a prom backdrop upstairs by using jay's photography set up. here's a pic of downstairs where the dancing took place. as the mabster would say, i did the decorations "all by myself."also, props to jay's mom for supplying us with the disco ball, music, and the lattices. it's awesome having family who does these "themed" parties for a living. thanks, mom! here are some prom pics that were taken throughout the night. with each couple that walked through the door, they displayed their own cheesy pose. for you see, we knew that by the end of the night, they might not be as pretty.once everyone had arrived, we began eating dinner. we assigned dishes to complete an easter dinner, and everything was delicious. once everyone finished eating, we headed to the man cave for some dancing. we had the best old school play list going, and i have the funniest video of jaydoug doing the butterfly to the song, "tootsie roll." it still makes me laugh every time i watch we herded up the gang upstairs so that we all could vote on the prom king and queen. stacy and i tallied up the votes in the back bedroom, and the winners were...(drum roll please)...
JAY AND LAURA!!!!don't they look so pretty!? they both deserved it as laura donned her hot pink, puffed sleeved 80s dress and jay with his mint green vintage tux with ruffles on the chest and a bow tie. we were all so proud of them as we crowned them and draped their sashes over them. later, we took a big group picture and got a bit crazy. i love this bizarre loving group.overall, i took SOO many great pics that it is actually impossible to even weed through and post the best...they are all hilarious and have been uploaded to facebook if you really want to take a gander. instead, i will just give you a review of some of the highlights. here they are in no particular order:

* stacy (obviously preggo and ready to pop any day now) was the first to sign the prom promise. she owned it.
* the guys brought the indo board out onto the dance floor and began showing off their skills on it. all while holding a beer and maintaining their balance. impressive.
* jay turned the "prom promise" into a "promise to give my husband head" contract, and from that point on, the husbands were forging their wife's signature. later, it was turned into a paper airplane.
* the dance off upstairs between cory, tyler, and brian was hysterical. "you got served!"
* i can still feel bartender mitchelle's after shock shot burning down my throat. blech.
* jay brought out the 18 inch double dong (it was a gag gift for my bachelorette party, i swear) and walked around with it hanging out of his pants leg. then, he threw it at becca and maggie. nice.
* marcial performed the air guitar on the mabster's trampoline, lost his balance, tilted it to one side, and one of the legs fell off. all while smoking a cig.
* steve tells the BEST stories and will definitely be invited to all get-togethers from this point on.
* mitchelle stole maggie's wig, put it on, and pranced around the house like a hawt slutty transvestite. then, he started mooning everyone in the kitchen, and from then on, him and his pastel twin (jaydoug) gave steve a dumb and dumber sandwich. which he enjoyed might i add.
* and lastly, my date won prom king which only meant that i put out that night only to confirm that i run with the A crowd. i'm not one for peer-pressure, i'm just easy. so that's about was the best time ever, and now i'm off like a prom dress!