Saturday, April 4, 2009

showerin' some bebe!

saturday, i helped co-host a gift card baby shower for blue momma. it was held at k-mom's lovely home, and the decor was beautiful. here's a picture of just the table minus the fruit and vegetable plates. i got a bit camera happy and took it before it got there...close family and friends were there as we all came together to help celebrate in the arrival of baby savannah. here's my best attempts at a group photo. sorry if i left anyone out. and yes, my teeth are naturally "blinging"...don't let the punch bowl fool you.we ate, drank, and laughed as i took lots of pics of the guest of honor...we all know just how much she loves them. here is a pic of her with all of her hostesses. we rock! lastly, congrats again blue momma. we all know how long and hard you have been wanting and waiting for your sweet little girl to finally make her arrival. we love you, and can't wait to meet baby savannah!