Wednesday, April 15, 2009

thanks for the laughs

so last week, i got a phone call from the stardome comedy club. i usually get one every time around this year so i wasn't surprised, but quite excited. they called to give me 12 free tickets for me and some friends since it was my birthday. i had the option of going either tuesday night (my actual birthday) or wednesday night. since i already had plans for the first night, wednesday it was. the show started at 7:30pm, but we all got there early at around 6:30pm to enjoy dinner and drinks beforehand.the three comedians for the night were matt mitchell (he was actually my favorite), chad miller, and steve mangola was the headliner. they were all great. when they say "laughter is the best medicine," it really is true. two things i always notice that you never do unless you purposely want to get made fun of. number one: never sit in the front left section. number two: never leave at any given moment to go to the bathroom. especially if you are a guy. just be prepared if you ever do any of these two. overall, it was a great time. great laughs with great company. thanks ladies for helping karla and i celebrate our birthday with a good girl's night out at the comedy club. we will definitely have to do that again!(disclaimer: this last picture was taken outside after the show while we all chatted in the parking lot for a bit. kelly thought she'd try to help stacy out by rubbing her lucky left butt cheek (yes, the same one that allows her to magically win bunco all the time) on her baby bump. it was hilarious. we're still waiting baby caden. no pressure or anything...)


K-Mom said...

I look like I threw out my back or something...instead of passing on a little butt cheek karma. Oh well...if I ever run for president, do you promise this picture won't end up in the National Enquirer?

Kim said... much will you pay me?? =P