Thursday, April 16, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) thank gawd for XM radio. regular radio right now bites. 20 on 20 is my favorite.

2.) in about 3 more weeks, we'll be headed to marco island, florida for our family vacation. i am in desperate need of a slower pace right now, and the sound of the ocean is going to be perfect. i can't wait!!

3.) jessi's wedding weekend starts tomorrow with a bridesmaids luncheon and then later the rehearsal at the church followed by the rehearsal dinner. then, the wedding is on saturday in which i get to bust out in the almost 4 inch heels. i'm scared.

4.) i totally called it on LOST when miles said, "that douche is my dad." also, can i just say that i love hurley.

5.) after watching The Hills again this week, it's no wonder why spencer doesn't have any friends. he needs a t-shirt made just for him that says, "i suck at life." i mean, seriously.

6.) today, i met up with some friends for a birthday lunch at surin. we let stacy pick the place because she heard that spicy thai food would hopefully get the boy moving. caden is definitely keeping her on her toes. come on, boy!! we all want to meet you!!

7.) i'm giving up on providing nicknames for others on this blog. when i first started this, i noticed everyone did it so i thought i had to too. now i just think it's ludacris to try and protect an's my blog! the only people reading this are the ones i know anyway. so there you have it.

8.) it's mosquito season. a couple of the damn pesky pests made their way into my house the other night, and abby chased'em around with a fly swatter. atta' girl!

9.) this birthday month is officially spanking my arse. and to think, we still haven't even had the big twinkie blowout yet. i'm gonna need to push fluids through an IV and a foley. stat.

10.) i still haven't taken down the disco ball and ceiling decorations downstairs yet. i kinda like them. they remind me of great memories. i almost feel like a redneck that leaves his christmas lights up year round. now is that laziness or sentiment?

11.) i am so tired of piles of clothes every where. my closet is overflowing because we still hang on to shirts from 4-5 years ago. as much as jay swears he will still wear every single one of his old fraternity t-shirts, i highly doubt it. and yes, i am guilty of laundry limbo.

12.) lyla is getting to the age now where she won't sit still. my once perfectly content child that just sat there, now swats at any and everything while we eat at the table. lettuce just starts flying, and i'm trying to shovel it in before it hits the floor. whatever i have, she wants. ay yi yi!

and lastly,

13.) i just want to applaud mitchelle for watching all 3 girls the other night while we went out. he kept them alive and even changed lyla's big ole blowout in her diaper. i know he was nervous as hell, but we really appreciated it. him and jay really have formed an awesome bromance together. it cracks me up.


Karla said...

I think I need TWO MONTHS to recover from this birthday month - sheesh!! We can't wait for Marco, too! It will be beautiful with no plans and our only concern will be where to eat for dinner. Me loves some vaca time!!!

Kim said...

i know, i know!! i am totally counting down the days...are we there yet!?