Thursday, April 23, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) yesterday i told the mabster to move over from my seat and computer. no lie, she responded back with, "but i've got to finish my blog." HA!!

2.) lyla has just recently learned how to blow raspberries. it is all she does, and i think it's the cutest and funniest thing ever.

3.) it's amazing how new panties can make a gal feel pretty, even though no one can see them.

4.) i took lyla to the doctor on tuesday. she had a sinus infection that is now clearing up, and i wanted to voice my concerns about her head tilt. they performed an x-ray on her to rule out any bone deformities and it came out negative. thank goodness. so now she will start taking physical therapy classes to help strengthen her neck muscles on her left side. doc said she will most likely grow out of it within the next month. let's keep our fingers crossed.

5.) 100% egyptian cotton bed sheets feel best when lying in them naked. i'm just sayin'

6.) my dvr cut my episode of the hills off earlier than the usual so i feel like i have missed out on it. no comment about my viewing of it this week, but i still think spencer is a delusional d-bag.

7.) LOST was just a re-cap this week. boo.

8.) maybe grey's anatomy will be my saving grace this week for something worth recording. although, i still need to catch up from last week.

9.) jay called home yesterday as giddy as a school girl. he just finished jiu jitsu and wanted to let me know that he got promoted to two stripes. i'm so proud of him because it makes him so happy. guess those bruises on him are his honorary battle scars.

10.) tonight, we are celebrating my and karla's birthday dinner with our side of the family at my mom's house. birthdays really are a great excuse to get the whole family together every now and then.

11.) friday night is our annual homefield birthday blowout!! i am excited, but truth be told, i am ready to start waving the white flag on this birthday it may yet!?

12.) when i get bored, i search for fun meanings in the urban dictionary. some are pretty hilarious. like "q-tipping." "girl, are you shitreous!?" seriously, who comes up with this stuff?

and lastly,

13.) encyclopedia seis has put all of us on a mission with her newest blog. we get to actually vote and plan what she gets to do on her alaskan vacation in just over a month. i think it's an awesome idea, and i believe my first vote is going to win.