Thursday, April 30, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) i finally caught up on my grey's anatomy the other night. last week's episode was ridiculously sad. there is something about being a mother that puts so many things into a different perspective. i bawled like a baby, and yes, my ugly cry came to surface. it wasn't pretty. tonight's episode looks good too. i am ready already.

2.) the mabster has learned how to open the fridge as of this week. within the first hour of her new found discovery, she pulled out the cheese, peaches, ketchup, popsicles, applesauce, and turkey. hopefully, she will never reach the pre-made margarita mix that sits on the top shelf. and so it begins...

3.) our john carroll catholic high school class of 99 reunion is coming up in august. as crazy as it sounds, i am actually quite excited about it. i still can't believe that it's been ten years. yowzas.

4.) okay, so monday night's the hills put me into a brief moment of shock. when the topic of a drink (alcoholic of course) came up at dinner, and the goody-goody church girl said "nothing good comes of it," i think my mouth dropped. ohhh, but i beg to differ sweet girl. lol

5.) we're headed to the beach (marco island, florida to be exact) with karla maria, tre, and carson in 10 days and counting. we are staying for a whole week, and i can't wait to do nothing but eat, swim, and sleep. in that exact order. over and over again.

6.) late night 3 ways with your friends are the best...on IM, silly!!

7.) the other day, i noticed a splinter in the bottom of the mabster's foot. we gave her a bath, found an alcohol wipe, safety pin, and some tweezers, and we held her down as i tried to finagle it out. you should have seen it...daddy had her in what looked like some new jiu jitsu move as she frantically thrusted around holding her popsicle and screaming. it was like watching the exorcist. i honestly believe wrestling 3 alligators would have been easier. luckily, i got it out on the first try and fast. looks like the nursing lab practicals from school actually came in handy.

8.) the mabster will start MDO at our lady of sorrows on june 2, and we are all super excited about it. it will be her first attempt at somewhat of a big girl school, and she'll get to play with her bff while during the playground breaks. i don't know who's more excited, me or the mabster. where, oh where did my baby go!?

9.) tomorrow is our monthly bunco night. it seems like these just sneak up on you so fast. i'm really thankful of that though. it seems like every time i start to get an itch for a good girl's night out, here it is. this month's should be interesting to say the least. please dear god, let me win.

10.) this lake it, or not to lake it? now that is the question.

11.) tomorrow morning, sweet little lyla goes in for her first session with a physical therapist. i am curious as to what exercises she will have her do. i'll be honest, her head tilt is not all that bad. but then again, that's probably just the "optimist" in me talking.

12.) the mabster's first dance recital, or shall i say "showcase," is next wednesday during her regular class time. we all watched them practice in the big room yesterday, and i was smitten as a kitten. i love little ballerinas.

and lastly,

13.) my green thumb is about to come busting out this weekend. i am so antsy to plant flowers off our back porch right now. hopefully, the ole thumb has not gone necrotic on me.


Karla said...

Whenever I think about Marco Island, I feel like I'm going to BURST with excitement and anticipation!!!! It is all Tre and I talk about. :)
I balled like a baby (gasping for air baby), too watching Grey's. I could not imagine that being Carson... oh holyhell, the devastation.
Bring your green thumb to my house!

Kim said...

it is ON baby!! :)