Saturday, April 18, 2009

the wedding

so the big day is finally here, and we all meet at the church at 2:30pm to get dressed and ready for pictures before the actual wedding ceremony. i think we walked around every inch of the church grounds and performed every possible pose. it was fun. here's just a quick pic that was taken on my camera once we were finished and heading to the bride's room to freshen up and relax.the ceremony started at 6:00pm. i was the first bridesmaid to walk down (all by myself) and i was nervous as hell. i hate when all eyes are on me, especially when i'm in 4 inch high heels and uncomfortable. i think i prayed in hopes of not falling while going down the aisle the whole time. thank god we are suppose to go slow. the ceremony last all of about 20 minutes if that. it was short, sweet, and beautiful. now it was time to head to the reception and get the party started! here's a picture of jay and i with karla, tre, and my mom while outside of the church.the reception was held at Park Lane, and the bride and groom were announced as they walked in with everyone applauding. then, they headed to the dance floor for their first dance as mr. and mrs. arnidis. i love listening to what song the couple's choose as their wedding song.everyone sits down to eat as food is being served so all the girls get together to form a circle around the bride. jessi was our sorority's chapter advisor until recently when she had to move to pennsylvania which means a ton of AOIIs were there both old and new. it felt so good to sing some of our old songs as we each gave jessi a rose and a hug. this is a tradition that we always do during special celebrations which displays our bond of sisterhood...if only the loving cup was there. now that would have been awesome.also, here's a shout out to my fellow "CV girls!" i miss ya'll SOO much!! we had some awesome times together. from leadership retreats to slumber parties in the sorority suite to thursday nights at the music hall to intramural sports to philanthropy projects and to parties at the pi kapp house, we did it all. i'll never forget how much fun we had in our collegiate the getaway car had arrived, and the band announced that it was time to go outside with our sparklers and bid farewell to the bride and groom. that, we did. the sparklers were the biggest ones i've ever seen. i almost wanted to sneak some home. lol. it looked so pretty with all of them lighting up the dark sky, and we all squealed with delight as they walked past us.CONGRATS jessi and troy!! i'm so glad that i got to ba a part of ya'lls special day and stand beside ya'll as you said your "i do's." have fun in greece, and please, no honeymoon babies, okay?! we love you guys!


K-Mom said...

What beautiful pictures! Your mom looks so elegant!

Karla said...

I'm still recovering, but it was so good to see our old CV girls. :)

Kim said...

thanks k-mom!

karla maria, no kidding..where's our honeymoon after the wedding, eh?