Sunday, May 31, 2009

happy birthday, logan!

today, we went to a birthday party for one of the mabster's friends. logan was turning four, and we all went to celebrate at cahaba lily park in helena from 2:00-4:00pm. there was face painting and crafts galore in which the kids got to enjoy. the mabster requested for a monkey to be painted on the side of her cheek while brooke wanted a big butterfly on her face.later, the mabster and friends sang happy birthday to logan, and then they got to decorate their very own cupcake. lyla even got to eat some ice cream, and later, she smothered baby caden with kisses. those two are going to be sweet with each other, i can already tell. we had a blast at the park, and happy 4th birthday, logan!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

moms night out

the girls got together for dinner and drinks at mellow mushrooms. the topic of conversations were at an all time high, and i left feeling really good about where i am at in my life right now. it feels really good to laugh at yourself, your friends, and everybody's own personal situations. it was enlightening. it made me appreciate things i tend to overlook or take for granted. it made me feel like a better person. thank you for that, ladies.

Friday, May 29, 2009

welcome, baby savannah!

good friends + new baby = playgroup in the hamlin suite! :)

thirsty thursday

last night, we met up with some friends and their families at the birmingham barons baseball game. jay and i use to enjoy the "thirsty thursdays" (which means $1 beer/beverages and $0.25 wings) when the mabster was lyla's age, but we haven't been to one since then. so i put it on the calender, and next thing i know a good group has signed up with brenda giving us details on the best hook up ever. her best friend gave us all free tickets to the game with awesome seats in our very own skybox. it was nice. it was clean, air-conditioned, kept the kids contained and entertained, catered with free food, and we even had our own personal waitress that kept coming in to check on us and refill our pitchers of beer. here's our view from the balcony...the best perk of all though was that the mascots came to us! everyone was excited including myself...except for the mabster. she was terrified. seems like big-headed costumes still scare the piss out of her. god love her. i had to hold her until they left, and then she kept asking where the doggies went. sweet child of mine. lyla didn't seem to mind them, however she is cutting her eyes in one of the pics so you never know...the last pic is of jay and tyler dancing to "tonto, jump on it, jump on it..." fan-freakin-tastic. seems as if their beers were going down a bit too smoothly that night. everyone was having so much fun that we actually stayed for the entire game. yes, with kids in tow. the barons won, and we all got to sing, "take me out to the ballgame." again, these are memories with good friends and family that i never want to forget.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

toddler bowling

the other day, we met up with some friends for free bowling at vestavia bowl. they are offering free bowling to kids through the month of september, and we really wanted to let the kids enjoy their first time bowling experience since it was free. we knew this was either going to be a hit or miss. the kids were allowed to bowl 2 free games and only had to pay $1.25 for their shoe rental. it was a hit although i think 1 game was perfect for the attention span of some of the toddlers (my kid included). they were so cute to watch though. the mabster was cracking me up. seeing her carry her 6 pound green ball over to her lane and then casually drop it straight down made me snicker...i swear it took what felt like 2 hours for her ball to finally make its way down the lane and knock over some pins...but boy when that ball made contact, the mabster just jumped up and down, screaming and clapping her hands. it was seriously too cute. we all had three lanes beside each other all to ourselves. the place was not too busy at all (to our surprise), and the air conditioning felt amazing. all around a great time!

thursday's thirteen

1.) the mabster has found her appetite here lately. just when i thought the toddler diet (2 bites here, 2 bites there) was taking over every bit of a lost hunger need, she finds it. growth spurt? i'll take it!

2.) heather had her sweet baby boy on monday while we were at the lake. the babies are booming right and left, and i love it. can't wait to see little evan, and congrats!

3.) lyla learned to clap her hands together a couple of weeks ago, and her face lights up when she does it. she's so stinkin' cute. i seriously think this is my favorite age...she's not a baby any more, and not quite yet a big girl. she's just content and has the temperament of an angel.

4.) the other night, we got together for a last supper at sabor latino in honor of christi and her upcoming new bambina. we shot the shit, drank margaritas, and rubbed the baby bump farewell. we know how hard it was for them to get that precious little miracle and are so very excited. good luck!

5.) i reminisced over my old high school pictures the other day. oh, to look that skinny again...(sigh) so as of next monday, my whole family (me, jay, karla, tre, karmie, lola, and pawpaw) are competing in a biggest loser competition. i plan to lose at least 50 pounds. i've done it before, and i swear i'm gonna do it again...even if it kills me. let the smackdown begin!!

6.) i heart the lake. just can't seem to get enough of it. so glad it was a short week because it only meant that the lake is that much closer.

7.) lyla has also learned how to click her tongue, and she does it a lot. i think she figured out that she could make noises (other than blowing raspberries) with her mouth ever since she cut her first tooth. seems like all she wants to do is push her tongue on it. it's like she's saying, "what in god's name is in my mouth!?"

8.) christi is having her baby today, and i am beyond excited!! i can't wait to hold that sweet baby savannah. i loves me some brand new babies. :)

9.) today is going to be a fast fun-filled day. lyla's has a doc appointment, then we're headed to splash pad and the park with lots of friends. later tonight, we're all going to "thirsty thursday" to watch the baron's baseball game in the skybox. shout out to brenda for making this dream possible. she's knows god and everyone so it's awesome having a dear friend with such good connections. thanks again, and we're looking forward to it!

10.) this summer is going to be fantabulous. i am knocking out a lot of "firsts" with the mabster since i feel she is now at the appropriate age to get something out of it. not sure if my camera can handle all this madness.

11.) with that being said, my camera is about to bite the dust. the pics are turning blurry, and i fear that at any day, it is going to fail me. i'd like a nice one, but i don't want to lug it around and possibly drop it. i love my point-and-shoot, but not sure what to do. hmmmm...

12.) lyla's first word, "dada." go figure. same as the mabster's. i don't stand a chance. these daddy's girls have him wrapped around their little fingers.

and lastly,

13.) i still think it's awesome that "free bras" is pinned up on the message board. seriously, it's free. it's a bra. of course it tops the contact info! gotta love the real housewives of birmingham!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

wordless wednesday

*********** BEST. HOOD. ORNAMENT. EVER. ************

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the little things

over the weekend, the mabster and her tita karmie enjoyed splashing around in mud puddles in front of the lakehouse after the rain ceased. i was not even aware that this was going on until i heard the mabster squealing and tita karmie shouting, "har har har!" they were having a grand ole time. seems like the intentions of an innocent calm walk turned into a splashapalooza full of mud and giggles. at first glance, i wanted to grab a towel and run after her. then i stopped and thought, "no way. this is just too much fun. now where did i put my camera!?"then i had an "a-ha" moment. it seems like such a simple thing, but sometimes as a parent, it’s hard not to hover. it’s hard not to worry that your kid might suffer or get hurt. but i think sometimes, kids need to experience things hands- (or feet-) on, and this was one of those times.

moral of the story: don't sweat the little stuff. have fun. get dirty. loosen the reins. think about the big picture and how little things like splashing in the mud are what matter most. thank you, tita karmie. as the mabster would say, "you're my best friend!"

Monday, May 25, 2009

happy memorial day

sunday was funday, but monday was a combination of fun and ultra lazy. karla, tre, and carson came up for the day since karla's weekend to work was over with. also, the mitchelle's came over to play since their family get-together at their nearby lake house had come to an end. the weather was much more cooperative and actually really pretty. the sun busted out through the clouds, and we were anxious to cruise around on the boat was the first time for both toshy and carson to ride on the boat. they were so cute. in fact, the real reason we wanted to take them out on the boat was because they were restless and refusing to nap. once we got them bundled up in towels on the boat with the wind in their hair while listening to the hum of the motor, they were out. i think it's that combination plus the soft rocking and being in momma's arms that make them drop like flies. we drove around for about an hour, and it was pure bliss.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

memorial day weekend

this weekend marked our first real lake festivity to not only celebrate memorial day weekend, but summer as well. we were surrounded with friends and family and really enjoyed ourselves in a low key atmosphere. the weather was crazy, but tried to cooperate for the most part. it'd rain, then it'd stop. so on and so forth. rinse and repeat. we didn't care since the pina coladas made up for it. we even lost power for about an hour which only lead to us hanging out on the dock, swimming, and then a joy ride on the boat. the guys swore that the water felt "refreshing" and "invigorating" to anyone who slightly thought about jumping in. suckers. it was fuh-reezing!! at least the initial shock of it was. after doggy paddling, pissing on yourself, and laughing for 15 minutes...sure, you warm up! of course!then the guys decided to play with the lake toys. romen, thomas, and jay enjoyed taking turns kneeboarding, skiing, and slaloming. it was fun watching them bounce all over the place, in and out of the wake. you could tell it wasn't their first rodeo. they were awesome.later after being out on the water, our appetites were peaking. jay started grilling out hot dogs for the kids and yummy pork tenderloin for the masses. everyone brought up a dish, and we had a feast. we sat out in the sunroom and watched the rain fall hard on the lake. talk about perfect timing. i swear i could have fallen asleep listening to all that rain hit the tin roof. loves it. after we finished stuffing our faces, we sat around and watched the kids play. it was fun watching lola enjoy some pina coladas, and even funnier when she said, "jay makes a mean pina colada!" it made me snicker considering it was a pre-made mix, and all he did was add ice in a blender. however, bartending was a job of his back in college. hehe.overall, we had a blast with good family and awesome friends. thank you guys for coming to share the day with us, and we can't wait for next time!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

happy 1st birthday, hudson!

saturday, we celebrated my nephew hudson's first birthday party at the celebration park and splash pad in gardendale on saturday afternoon from 1-3:00pm. all of the family was there, and it was a special day. the weather had been cooperating all day until we pulled up to the parking lot and it started raining. but hey, at least we came knowing we were going to get wet, right? everyone sat and chatted under the pavilion while the kids ran around in the splash pad. abby wore her bathing suit under her clothes, but only wanted to swing on the playground in the rain for a bit. go figure.we ate some hot dogs and passed around babies. it came time for us to sing happy birthday to hudson, and then later we watched him dig into his smash cake. he didn't care too much for it, but it was super cute nonetheless. auntie jess came into town and gave little lyla lots of sweet kisses. meanwhile, the mabster saw the goody bags and immediately opened up her big happy first birthday, hudson! we love you!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

fishies in chatty

today, we packed the munchkins up and ventured out on a road trip for the day to chattanooga. some friends and i really wanted to take the kids to see all the fishies at the tennessee aquarium. i love that place. ever since i was a kid, i remember the first time i went and thinking how awesome it was. i'm glad the mabster finally got to experience that same feeling. as soon as she saw all the schools of fish swimming around, she ran up to the glass and screamed, "cool!"there was lots to see and do. the kids got to touch the stingrays as they swam around in the water, and i was fascinated by the leopard print looking ones. however, the "pokka dot" one was the mabster's favorite. then we walked through a butterfly garden where hundreds of beautiful butterflies danced all around us. it was captivating. next, we saw the penguins. now they were pretty funny. even funnier when one laid a dump in the water as it sprinkled down on his friend and all the kids said, "ewwww...poop!" it was classic.later we saw multiple breeds of jellyfish, huge turtles, and sharks, oh my! it was an awesome experience, and it was fun watching the mabster get excited as she followed and ran with brown and maddox. baby sister and cousin carson went as well, and we all really enjoyed ourselves. the kids had so much fun that they slept more than half of the car ride back home. signs of a true good time.since the day trip was such a huge success, we now plan on going back again on a weekend as a whole family for the real chatty package. we want to hit up the aquarium again, the hands-on museum, rock city, ruby falls, lookout mountain, and maybe even stay at the chattanooga choo choo. there's just so much to do in that great city, and we can't wait to conquer them all!