Tuesday, May 19, 2009


tonight, we had a moms night out planned for some latin dancing at the fred astaire dance studio in hoover. we were all beyond excited and had already invented our own personal latina names for the night. mine was "yolanda"...there's just something about the way it rolls off my tongue. love it. however, yesterday kiffany received a call that the class was cancelled due to a last minute emergency where the studio had to be closed for today. boo. reschedule? definitely. well, half of us really wanted to still go out and do something considering we had a "get out of jail free" card for the night. we all chatted on what to do, and finally decided on dinner and drinks at the fox and the hound pub and grille in the colonnade. we love the atmosphere there, and we were all ready for some quality down time. it was fun watching stacy suck down her first ginormous margarita since baby caden has been born. also, it was hysterical when karla maria said, "carson's getting his shots tomorrow," and then stacy said, "who's taking shots!?" and with that sudden outburst, we knew the inner lush was wanting to come out. pump and dump was a must for her that night...so as we were all ordering our drinks and dinner off the menu, karla maria flipped through the drink specials when a piece of paper fell out of it...seems we won a free party for 10 or more of our friends which includes 2 orders of chips and salsa, 50 grand champion wings, 3 thin crust pizzas, and a billiard table for 2 hours! we all squealed in delight. BOOYAH bitches, talk about some good karma!! now we definitely know where our next MNO will be...overall, it was a great night with great friends. so thank you, ladies. i have a feeling this summer is going to be fantabulous! in the words of karen carpenter, "we've only just begun..."