Friday, May 1, 2009

bunco madness

this month's bunco was hosted at laura's house. i don't have much to say except for the fact that it was one helluva good time. everyone left their filters at home, and it felt awesome to just let loose. we shot the breeze about everything under the sun. in fact, i almost thought we wouldn't even start playing bunco since everyone had a case of the verbal diarrhea that night. everyone vented about things (kids, cleaning, hubbies, hormonal pregnancies, in-laws, schools, the economy, and just plain garbitches) that annoyed us, made us laugh, and other things that we felt sympathetic for. basically, bunco = therapy. did i mention we got a little goofy too??so we played one quick round. i think i may have miscalculated a couple of times or rolled more than i was suppose to...all i know is that when kiffany busted out screaming curse words when a topic came up, the whole room lost it. it was awesomatic (automatically awesome)!! for you see, kiffany is a quiet elegant one. for as long as anyone has known her, we've never heard her raise her voice, much less say anything that was on the brink of offensive. we were all floored. my ears didn't want to believe it. i even asked latoya what she said because i thought for sure, clearly, i did not hear right. but then when latoya said, "i'm not sure if those words would even roll off of my tongue," i knew my ears did not disappoint me. then maggie said, "well my mouth will say it..." and again, the crowd went wild. ahhh, if only i had a tape recorder that night as opposed to my camera. anywayz, i's a picture of the winners: surprisingly, none of the repeat winners won that night. i swear it must have been a full moon. schweikher won the biggest loser, lisette won the biggest winner, and latoya won for the most buncos. i was in the roll off against schweikher, but her lucky belly bump came into effect as she rolled the highest number. again, i am a loser, but not the biggest one. boo.