Monday, May 18, 2009

coldplay rocked!

tonight, jay and i went to the oak mountain amphitheatre to watch coldplay in concert. we scored some last minute tickets from brenda for a sold out show. our seats were beside brenda and bryan and were located in section 307 (aka, the nosebleeds). honestly, i really didn't mind because i was just happy to be there. we heart coldplay. so we sat at our seats and chatted while the opening musicians played. i still have no idea who they were or what they even sounded like. later, brenda and i decided we had to pee and purchase another drink. we stumbled down the stairs while grabbing on to each other for dear life. graceful is one thing i am not, and those stairs looked a bit scary if you are not focused. as we started walking back up to our seats, we spotted a whole section of empty seats that were a hellava lot closer than the section we were in. great minds think alike so we snagged four seats and told the guys to meet us down there. perfection. the show started, the crowd squealed, and we were so was a beautiful night for an outdoor concert. the crisp cool air felt amazing, especially when it gives you the excuse to stand that much closer to jay and shake a little jiggy. did i mention the numerous eargasms i had that night? they played their song "yellow," and boy did it bring back so many memories of college. right when the song started, there were huge yellow balloons bouncing every where within the crowd. it was so much fun jumping up and trying to spike'em down. what was even funnier was that some how all of them ended up in our section by the end of the song, and half of them got stuck in the trees nearby. here are some pics...towards the end of the show, coldplay ran about 30 feet behind us and sang in the upper section of the stadium. then, they announced to everyone to get out their cell phones for what they called a "mexican cell phone wave." it was super neat, and truth be told, i enjoyed watching it. the picture i got really doesn't do it justice.once they were done singing at the top, they quickly ran down our side. jay and brenda anticipated it and told me to get ready with my camera. i was excited and stood on the side with camera in aim. i caught them! it was great. great that the back of brenda's head was also in the picture...proof of how close we were.the concert ran a lot longer than what we thought it would. i told my mom that we'd be home by 10:30-11:00pm at the latest. i looked down at my watch and it was already 10:50pm. eek! gotta get home! so we said our farewells to brenda and bryan and made a mad dash out. while driving home, i got a text from brenda saying that she was now in the second row close enough to blow snot on them as they sang "the scientist" (my favorite song) for their encore. damn. way to rub it in! LOL. but seriously, it was a great concert, and we had an awesome time. we even drove home listening to the free coldplay cd that they were handing out. loved it.


Anonymous said...

i did not know that you hearted coldplay. learn something new every day.

Kim said...

yup, it's true. jay makes me listen to "viva la vida" 5 times a day. no lie.

Poodlehead said...

:) Good times chica.