Wednesday, May 6, 2009

dance, dance, dance!!

the mabster has been taking dance/ballet classes at the children's dance foundation in homewood for about a year now. today marked her last dance class before the summer session begins. since it was her last class, all the little ballerinas put on a bit of a showcase for their friends and family. kind of like a recital, but not as extravagant as next year's will be. nonetheless, still super cute. so the show started at 10:10am as the tornado sirens were going off (exciting, no?), and this is what we saw...(note to self: the pictures are blurry and do not do the precious pink princesses justice. i'll have to post the video soon.)the mabster was wonderful! we couldn't have been more proud. she ran around in her tutu skipping along with her hands on her hips as they all sang, "abby is running around the circle...running like a she will sit down." so sweet. did i mention the opening of her walking around on her tippy toes as she sang twinkle twinkle little star? again, precious. lola, the mitchelles, the nan, auntie red, mom, dad, and baby sister really enjoyed watching you dance, abby. you looked beautiful out there!after her recital, everyone enjoyed some snacks at the informal reception that was held in one of the dance studio's classrooms. it was a really cute performance, and we can't want to continue classes in the fall. great job, abby. we love you.