Thursday, May 14, 2009

family vacay, day four

today, we played outside all day. we spent most of the day at the pool on phase three since it's always a little quieter there and the view of the ocean is awesome. the mabster picked some nearby flowers, and then proceeded to "wash" mommy and daddy's hair for about an hour. it actually felt really nice. she'd fill up daddy's goggles with water from the pool, mess up my hair, and then pour water over our heads. i felt like i was at a day spa when in actuality, it was just a toddler having fun with her imagination. we swam and played until lyla passed out again in her beach towel for a power nap. god has really blessed us with that child. she is an angel, and knock-on-wood, has the best temperament of anyone i know.also, we had a little healthy family competition while in the pool during a chicken fight. it was daddy and abby versus lyla and me, and they didn't stand a chance. kidding. the chicken fight played itself out to be abby and lyla giggling while trying to hold each other's hands the whole time. sweet sisters.later in the day, karla maria and i took the kids back up to the room since their nap time was right around the corner. once we got in, we got the babies changed, fed, and ready for their naps...only today, they decided to boycott the sweet little luxury. boo. so we all hung out, watched tv in the living room, and decided to start getting ready to take our family beach pics before the usual marco afternoon rainstorm hit. so we got everything in tow and made a mad dash for some quick pics. now when i say quick, i think they lasted all of two minutes and off we ran to dinner at CJ's. we figured we'd eat out tonight considering we were all dressed pretty. 3 girls at dinner + 3 white dresses = stains, please? it never fails. here are our beach pics taken on jay's nice camera.the pictures turned out really cute considering how crazy hard it is to get both girls slightly looking in the same direction. i'll have to admit that this last one is my favorite even though i know it won't be the one to go into a frame. notice the mabster's mouth. little lyla was trying to stick out her tongue, the mabster saw and started doing it as well. here's what our sweet little family really looks like...we're so proud.


Katie & Frank said...

That last picture is hilarious! And how cute is Lyla's teeny weeny bikini?!?

Kim said...

thanks, katie...i completely agree! :)