Monday, May 11, 2009

family vacay, day one

today was extremely lazy. after oversleeping till about 9:30am, we all ate sandwiches for breakfast out on the balcony of nan's condo (top floor penthouse because she's cool like that =P). we got the kids ready (which takes about an hour in itself when you add the time to get the bags, floaties, and sunblock-SPF 70 on the kiddos). we played in the pool, soaked up some vitamin D, swam, and then headed upstairs for the a power cat nap. while the kids slept, i got to enjoy my addiction of quiet me time and played on the computer. the guys went to the store for a pina colada and margarita run. once they got back, jay made us a yummy frozen cocktail and we sat out on the balcony watching the sun set. overall an uneventful, relaxing day. this is my kind of a vacation. slow paced and much needed. here are some pics from the pool.

overall, it was great day at the pool. we had it all to ourselves all day, and it was fun. it was lyla's first visit to marco and her first experience in the pool. what did she think? she loved it! i thought it was so sweet holding her as she just kicked and waved her hands and feet. she loved making splashes, and she had us laughing so hard. it really wouldn't surprise me if she learned how to swim before big sister. she acts like she was made for the water. too funny. this last picture is my favorite. little lyla fell asleep in the shade, wrapped up on a beach chair. looking at this pic makes me love her SOO incredibly much. i love my calm, sweet, fair-skinned baby!


Raven said...

That looks like such a great time! I love the picture of the little one in the bikini! So sweet! Hope you all have a great vacation! I know I am counting down the days until ours! :)


Kim said...

thanks, raven! this "may-cation" has been more than wonderful. also, i love seeing little baby girls in bikinis...those chunky thighs make me melt. you guys are going to have a blast at the beach! i know i will be jealous looking at your pics and wishing we could go again. LOL