Wednesday, May 13, 2009

family vacay, day three

today, we woke up with no rush, ate breakfast, and headed to the beach. as much as we all prefer the pool (no sand in crotch), we knew the kids would really enjoy it. both lyla and carson have never experienced the beach. we sat lyla down in the sand right at where the cusp of the waves would hit her. at first she didn't like it and cried, but once the wave reached her, she started laughing. i don't think she really knew what to think of it all, but it was super cute. carson loved the ocean as well, and at one point ate a handful of sand. kids make a vacation hilarious. oh, and as soon as we got there, the mabster got out her bucket and shovel and went to town digging and looking for sea shells.the above pic is the douglas family feet of four with the sand in between our toes. cute, no? so what felt like forever (and a whole lot of prying) of trying to get the mabster to put down her shovel and cool down in the ocean, she finally did. she was scared at first screaming, "fishies, fishies" and then karla maria said, "oh yeah, i told her that there weren't any fish in the pool, just the ocean." now it made since why she was flippin' out. after repeatedly saying, "there's no fishies right here," she was comfortable and having a blast. the mabster chased the waves and continued her search for the perfect sea shell like the big one hanging in nana's living room back at the condo. it was really the perfect day to play at the beach. the waves were so calm, the breeze was perfect, and the sun was just a shining.after being brought to the point of exhaustion, our appetites were growing and fast. we decided to grab a bite to eat, and let karla maria and tre pick the place. they chose "famous mel's southbeach smokehouse," and it was awesome. i'm actually really glad they chose this place because as many times as we have been down to marco (maybe 9 times and counting), we have never eaten there. boy, were we missing out. here's a picture of my lylabug sportin' mommy's shades while at lunch. uncle tre was actually the one to put them on stinkin' cute.our tummies were full so we headed back to the condo. we threw all 3 kids in the bath at one time, rub-a-dub-dub, they were done, and then everyone passed out for an afternoon nap. now when i say everyone, i mean all of us passed. out. jay fell asleep sitting upright on the couch, tre passed out on the floor, and karla maria and i passed out in the bedrooms with the kids. it was pretty funny. it's amazing how much sun and fun will zap you. gotta love it.

(on a side note: carson took his FIRST STEPS today in front of all of us!!! see, now marco is significant for the thomas family as well. yay!)


Anonymous said...

YAY CARSON!!!! you all look so cute! abby, i hope you find a BIG shell...she is a true beach babe! lyla, you're just too cute for words!!


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