Thursday, May 21, 2009

fishies in chatty

today, we packed the munchkins up and ventured out on a road trip for the day to chattanooga. some friends and i really wanted to take the kids to see all the fishies at the tennessee aquarium. i love that place. ever since i was a kid, i remember the first time i went and thinking how awesome it was. i'm glad the mabster finally got to experience that same feeling. as soon as she saw all the schools of fish swimming around, she ran up to the glass and screamed, "cool!"there was lots to see and do. the kids got to touch the stingrays as they swam around in the water, and i was fascinated by the leopard print looking ones. however, the "pokka dot" one was the mabster's favorite. then we walked through a butterfly garden where hundreds of beautiful butterflies danced all around us. it was captivating. next, we saw the penguins. now they were pretty funny. even funnier when one laid a dump in the water as it sprinkled down on his friend and all the kids said, "ewwww...poop!" it was classic.later we saw multiple breeds of jellyfish, huge turtles, and sharks, oh my! it was an awesome experience, and it was fun watching the mabster get excited as she followed and ran with brown and maddox. baby sister and cousin carson went as well, and we all really enjoyed ourselves. the kids had so much fun that they slept more than half of the car ride back home. signs of a true good time.since the day trip was such a huge success, we now plan on going back again on a weekend as a whole family for the real chatty package. we want to hit up the aquarium again, the hands-on museum, rock city, ruby falls, lookout mountain, and maybe even stay at the chattanooga choo choo. there's just so much to do in that great city, and we can't wait to conquer them all!