Saturday, May 23, 2009

happy 1st birthday, hudson!

saturday, we celebrated my nephew hudson's first birthday party at the celebration park and splash pad in gardendale on saturday afternoon from 1-3:00pm. all of the family was there, and it was a special day. the weather had been cooperating all day until we pulled up to the parking lot and it started raining. but hey, at least we came knowing we were going to get wet, right? everyone sat and chatted under the pavilion while the kids ran around in the splash pad. abby wore her bathing suit under her clothes, but only wanted to swing on the playground in the rain for a bit. go figure.we ate some hot dogs and passed around babies. it came time for us to sing happy birthday to hudson, and then later we watched him dig into his smash cake. he didn't care too much for it, but it was super cute nonetheless. auntie jess came into town and gave little lyla lots of sweet kisses. meanwhile, the mabster saw the goody bags and immediately opened up her big happy first birthday, hudson! we love you!


Amber said...

What exactly is this Splash Pad place?

Kim said...

it's in gardendale off the fieldstown road exit. super easy to find and super fun!