Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day!

this year's mother's day was quite different than the usual. we started off the morning early with calls to both my mom and MIL. wishes, gratitude, and love were expressed over the telephone as we began our road trip to marco island, florida. it was "big bertha's" (my new nissan armada) first official road trip as a family, and she was so good to us. SO. GOOD. we bought this SUV because we knew we'd be traveling a ton as a family, and we knew we need the extra space. the drive took about 12 hours, and thanks to the spacious fat man seats, tons of storage room, mickey mouse clubhouse playing on the dvd system, my musicbox, xm radio, and ipod playing an awesome play list made by yours truly, and the navigation system, we were set. the girls were enjoying themselves, i was happy, and daddy was happy.then we get a phone call from karla maria. seems as if she just got pulled over for speeding (91 in a 70) and wanted to warn us of the vicious speed trap that laid ahead for us. she wasn't kidding. between a two mile distance, we counted 13 cop cars that had just pulled over fellow speeders. it was the craziest thing i had ever seen. as we passed a bridge, we noticed an unmarked truck that sat on the top of it that was clocking in the speeders as they drove by. not fair. i'll admit, i laughed. i thought, "hahaha, glad that's not the guys will make fun of karla during our whole beach trip and not me." but i was wrong. two hours later and in the state of georgia, it was my turn. it was bullshit though, i'm not even going to lie.

here's my story: i thought the speed limit was 70. i was so sure of it. at least it was for a long time. so i set my cruise control on a solid 80 mph. i like the left lane. i can't help it, always have. so i was following 3 cars who were flying. i wasn't even close to them until they slammed on their breaks out of nowhere, thus making me cancel my cruise control. they spotted the po-po. i saw the po-po jump on the interstate and thought, "oh, he's going to get them!" i love watching a good chase. but instead, the po-po couldn't catch them. they were long gone, yet there i was. damn cop got me instead. turns out the speed limit was 65 and he said he clocked me in at 86. 86!?!? no way!! i knew i was definitely not going 86 by no means. did i argue? nope. just took it, and let it go. i knew the truth, but i knew it wouldn't get me anywhere. it was frustrating. the mabster kept asking daddy what happened, and jay said, "mommy is mad at the police because he took away her lunch money." the mabster then said she'd give me hers. i smiled. i got made fun of for the next hour thanks to jay who even felt the need to facebook such a sad state on his status for the whole world to know. (sigh) not good, but it could have been worse.

the best ever though was when the mabster said, "baby sister has a tooth...i have lots of teeth. see!!" as she smiled with her teeth real big. we didn't think much of it until we stopped for gas, little toshy smiled at us, and there was her FIRST tooth!! yippee!! this mommy was officially out of the funk. she looked so stinkin' cute with the one little bottom tooth popping out. ahhh, it's the little things in life. screw that po-po, i love my kids. hope everyone had a happy mother's day!