Sunday, May 17, 2009

like mother, like daughter

the mabster's BFF just called to talk with her over the phone. like any woman, her face lit up when i told her that the phone was for her, and it was brooke. it was rather sweet and comforting to listen to what an almost 3 year-old says to an almost 4-year-old. their conversation consisted of future plans of playing at the park tomorrow, band-aids, their baby sister and baby brother, and chocolate milk. the innocence of it all was adorable.

then the thought crossed my 10 years from now, they will be gabbing about boys at school...and in 10 more years, i'm sure curse words and swearing may even be involved. ahh, to be a woman.

but the sweetest thing of all was that they ended their phone conversation with a "bye" and an "i love you." i felt a twinge in my heart. it honestly made me feel like i have taught my child right.


Hill Family said...

that is just too sweet :)

Amber said...

That is too sweet!!!

Kim said...

thanks, girls :)