Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the little things

over the weekend, the mabster and her tita karmie enjoyed splashing around in mud puddles in front of the lakehouse after the rain ceased. i was not even aware that this was going on until i heard the mabster squealing and tita karmie shouting, "har har har!" they were having a grand ole time. seems like the intentions of an innocent calm walk turned into a splashapalooza full of mud and giggles. at first glance, i wanted to grab a towel and run after her. then i stopped and thought, "no way. this is just too much fun. now where did i put my camera!?"then i had an "a-ha" moment. it seems like such a simple thing, but sometimes as a parent, it’s hard not to hover. it’s hard not to worry that your kid might suffer or get hurt. but i think sometimes, kids need to experience things hands- (or feet-) on, and this was one of those times.

moral of the story: don't sweat the little stuff. have fun. get dirty. loosen the reins. think about the big picture and how little things like splashing in the mud are what matter most. thank you, tita karmie. as the mabster would say, "you're my best friend!"


Hill Family said...

I LOVE it :)

Kim said...

thanks, anne!