Sunday, May 24, 2009

memorial day weekend

this weekend marked our first real lake festivity to not only celebrate memorial day weekend, but summer as well. we were surrounded with friends and family and really enjoyed ourselves in a low key atmosphere. the weather was crazy, but tried to cooperate for the most part. it'd rain, then it'd stop. so on and so forth. rinse and repeat. we didn't care since the pina coladas made up for it. we even lost power for about an hour which only lead to us hanging out on the dock, swimming, and then a joy ride on the boat. the guys swore that the water felt "refreshing" and "invigorating" to anyone who slightly thought about jumping in. suckers. it was fuh-reezing!! at least the initial shock of it was. after doggy paddling, pissing on yourself, and laughing for 15 minutes...sure, you warm up! of course!then the guys decided to play with the lake toys. romen, thomas, and jay enjoyed taking turns kneeboarding, skiing, and slaloming. it was fun watching them bounce all over the place, in and out of the wake. you could tell it wasn't their first rodeo. they were awesome.later after being out on the water, our appetites were peaking. jay started grilling out hot dogs for the kids and yummy pork tenderloin for the masses. everyone brought up a dish, and we had a feast. we sat out in the sunroom and watched the rain fall hard on the lake. talk about perfect timing. i swear i could have fallen asleep listening to all that rain hit the tin roof. loves it. after we finished stuffing our faces, we sat around and watched the kids play. it was fun watching lola enjoy some pina coladas, and even funnier when she said, "jay makes a mean pina colada!" it made me snicker considering it was a pre-made mix, and all he did was add ice in a blender. however, bartending was a job of his back in college. hehe.overall, we had a blast with good family and awesome friends. thank you guys for coming to share the day with us, and we can't wait for next time!


Seis said...

Where are the wakeskate pics? Are you saving that for us? I hope it quits raining we are both unemployed and ready for some fun in the sun.

Kim said...

you know it, seis!! we thought about you guys the whole time. hate that ya'll couldn't make it, but you know there will always be a next time.

jay's buying a new float so that the kids can go tubing again. this summer is going to be awesome!