Friday, May 29, 2009

thirsty thursday

last night, we met up with some friends and their families at the birmingham barons baseball game. jay and i use to enjoy the "thirsty thursdays" (which means $1 beer/beverages and $0.25 wings) when the mabster was lyla's age, but we haven't been to one since then. so i put it on the calender, and next thing i know a good group has signed up with brenda giving us details on the best hook up ever. her best friend gave us all free tickets to the game with awesome seats in our very own skybox. it was nice. it was clean, air-conditioned, kept the kids contained and entertained, catered with free food, and we even had our own personal waitress that kept coming in to check on us and refill our pitchers of beer. here's our view from the balcony...the best perk of all though was that the mascots came to us! everyone was excited including myself...except for the mabster. she was terrified. seems like big-headed costumes still scare the piss out of her. god love her. i had to hold her until they left, and then she kept asking where the doggies went. sweet child of mine. lyla didn't seem to mind them, however she is cutting her eyes in one of the pics so you never know...the last pic is of jay and tyler dancing to "tonto, jump on it, jump on it..." fan-freakin-tastic. seems as if their beers were going down a bit too smoothly that night. everyone was having so much fun that we actually stayed for the entire game. yes, with kids in tow. the barons won, and we all got to sing, "take me out to the ballgame." again, these are memories with good friends and family that i never want to forget.