Thursday, May 7, 2009

thursdays thirteen

1.) the mabster picked up her play phone yesterday, and these were the words that came out of her mouth..."hello mary poppins. this is abby. are you going to the basketball game?"

2.) jay tried to grow a beard earlier this week. he's never had much facial hair so after day 7 of no shaving, his attempt looked so sad. it was blotchy and dark and just plain ridiculous. i'd tell him every day to "shave that shit," but he just laughed and kept it going for another day. i was close to getting a razor to it myself while he slept, but luckily he finally shaved the day of abby's dance recital. thank gawd for a scruffy jay no more!

3.) my nephew and godson, carson, is turning ONE tomorrow!! yowzas. is it really already a year? happy first birthday, juicy juice!

4.) watched the hills on monday night. thoughts: how in the hell was brody able to get mad at his girlfriend for getting mad at him because he cheated? wtf? am i missing something!? also, spencer and heidi need far more than couples counseling, but damn it makes me feel good about my marriage. ha!

5.) lyla has been sleeping consistently in her own bed for the past week. can i just say that jay and i have been getting the best sleep ever? giggity giggity. :)

6.) i have been busy organizing closets this week. i started with the girls and then worked my way to ours. it felt so good to gut it out and get rid of half of the clothes in there that i knew i would never wear again. karla maria was the recipient of the good fortunes, and i swear she went home with about 5 body sized bags full of stuff. now every time i walk in my closet, i make a big sigh of relief. it's amazing how fast clutter can build and how awesome it feels with it gone.

7.) for the most part, i actually really enjoy all of this rain. it's nice listening to it, opening up my blinds, letting in the natural light, and just cuddling on the couch with my lyla bug while big sister turns the dvds into a puzzle.

8.) however don't get me wrong, i am SOO ready for warmth and sunshine at the beach!! this momma needs a much-needed vacation, and i don't think it can get here fast enough.

9.) watched LOST on wednesday night. thoughts: "SOOOOO GOOOD."

10.) i have recently discovered that by allowing jay to do things that really make him happy, he reciprocates it in dishes and some laundry. now is this compromise or guilt? either way, i'll take it!

11.) today, karla maria and i ate lunch with our dear friend, talley at CPK. we try to do a lunch at least once a month since our schedules are so busy now. we chatted about many things and laughed about the little moments that happened in the wedding we were in a few weeks back. i am still laughing.

12.) we are having a lot of out-of-town family from florida and california coming to visit us this weekend. some are staying at our house which means i've been trying to bust my hump to keep it clean. i know a tornado hasn't touched down in g'dale yet, but i have one that does every day in my house. it's name is abby.

and lastly,

13.) this weekend is going to be slammed. from out-of-town family, to wedding festivities, to carson's birthday party at splash pad, to more family events and entertaining, to driving 12 hours to the beach...i am SOO going to do nothing but lay by the pool the first day there. hello, relaxation? this is kim. yes, i've missed you too.