Thursday, May 21, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) since last week we were at the beach and my thursday's thirteen were neglected, i am trying to make up for my thoughts about the numerous awesome season finales that we watched. where, oh where, shall i start?

2.) grey's anatomy: i'm not lieing when i say i totally called it when the guy who got hit by the bus was 007 (o'malley). you think they'd really kill him off? or just izzie? hmmmm...

3.) LOST: now why did they have to do that to us!?! seriously, i can't wait 8 months to find out what really happened...that's worse than waiting 9 months to birth a damn baby! so unfair.

4.) the hills: rumor has it that LC is leaving the show, and that kristin is coming back. my thoughts? hells to the yeah! if anyone knows drama, it's ms. cavallari.

5.) daddy has taught the mabster how to "show her guns." so now when she sees my arms in tank tops, she asks, "mommy, what happened to your guns?" my reply? "mommy never had any." :)

6.) today, we're heading to chatty for a day at the tennessee aquarium with some friends and the kiddos. the mabster loves fishies (especially if they are not swimming with her) so i can't wait to see her face as we walk through.

7.) the other day the mabster busted out singing, "my, my, my, my poker face" while at breakfast. nice.

8.) this weekend is memorial weekend which calls for my favorite pastime...yup, of course, it's the lake. family and friends are all coming up, and we are prepared for a good grill out and possibly even tubing wars. helllloooo summer!

9.) i am thankful for my friends for making me realize's not about quantity, it's quality. it's amazing how some times less is SO much more.

10.) my nephew, hudson, is turning one, and his birthday party is saturday at splash pad. i don't think i can get enough of that place. it's heaven and only 2 minutes away.

11.) these next couple of weeks are slammed pack with fun activities with the kiddos. i'm excited about them all, especially considering the mabster will start MDO in the summer which will allow me to have more one-on-one fun time with lylabug. (and yes, she's the easy one =P)

12.) the "how well do you know your friend?" quizzes on facebook are pure crack. they are addictive as hell, but super fun. i have realized to go with my gut instinct instead of second guessing myself. basics i already know, but don't always follow. some i surprised myself with, and some stank worse than spoiled milk. but hey, at least now i know my friend better, right?

and lastly,

13.) no one does it better than glinda..."toss toss."