Thursday, May 28, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) the mabster has found her appetite here lately. just when i thought the toddler diet (2 bites here, 2 bites there) was taking over every bit of a lost hunger need, she finds it. growth spurt? i'll take it!

2.) heather had her sweet baby boy on monday while we were at the lake. the babies are booming right and left, and i love it. can't wait to see little evan, and congrats!

3.) lyla learned to clap her hands together a couple of weeks ago, and her face lights up when she does it. she's so stinkin' cute. i seriously think this is my favorite age...she's not a baby any more, and not quite yet a big girl. she's just content and has the temperament of an angel.

4.) the other night, we got together for a last supper at sabor latino in honor of christi and her upcoming new bambina. we shot the shit, drank margaritas, and rubbed the baby bump farewell. we know how hard it was for them to get that precious little miracle and are so very excited. good luck!

5.) i reminisced over my old high school pictures the other day. oh, to look that skinny again...(sigh) so as of next monday, my whole family (me, jay, karla, tre, karmie, lola, and pawpaw) are competing in a biggest loser competition. i plan to lose at least 50 pounds. i've done it before, and i swear i'm gonna do it again...even if it kills me. let the smackdown begin!!

6.) i heart the lake. just can't seem to get enough of it. so glad it was a short week because it only meant that the lake is that much closer.

7.) lyla has also learned how to click her tongue, and she does it a lot. i think she figured out that she could make noises (other than blowing raspberries) with her mouth ever since she cut her first tooth. seems like all she wants to do is push her tongue on it. it's like she's saying, "what in god's name is in my mouth!?"

8.) christi is having her baby today, and i am beyond excited!! i can't wait to hold that sweet baby savannah. i loves me some brand new babies. :)

9.) today is going to be a fast fun-filled day. lyla's has a doc appointment, then we're headed to splash pad and the park with lots of friends. later tonight, we're all going to "thirsty thursday" to watch the baron's baseball game in the skybox. shout out to brenda for making this dream possible. she's knows god and everyone so it's awesome having a dear friend with such good connections. thanks again, and we're looking forward to it!

10.) this summer is going to be fantabulous. i am knocking out a lot of "firsts" with the mabster since i feel she is now at the appropriate age to get something out of it. not sure if my camera can handle all this madness.

11.) with that being said, my camera is about to bite the dust. the pics are turning blurry, and i fear that at any day, it is going to fail me. i'd like a nice one, but i don't want to lug it around and possibly drop it. i love my point-and-shoot, but not sure what to do. hmmmm...

12.) lyla's first word, "dada." go figure. same as the mabster's. i don't stand a chance. these daddy's girls have him wrapped around their little fingers.

and lastly,

13.) i still think it's awesome that "free bras" is pinned up on the message board. seriously, it's free. it's a bra. of course it tops the contact info! gotta love the real housewives of birmingham!