Thursday, May 28, 2009

toddler bowling

the other day, we met up with some friends for free bowling at vestavia bowl. they are offering free bowling to kids through the month of september, and we really wanted to let the kids enjoy their first time bowling experience since it was free. we knew this was either going to be a hit or miss. the kids were allowed to bowl 2 free games and only had to pay $1.25 for their shoe rental. it was a hit although i think 1 game was perfect for the attention span of some of the toddlers (my kid included). they were so cute to watch though. the mabster was cracking me up. seeing her carry her 6 pound green ball over to her lane and then casually drop it straight down made me snicker...i swear it took what felt like 2 hours for her ball to finally make its way down the lane and knock over some pins...but boy when that ball made contact, the mabster just jumped up and down, screaming and clapping her hands. it was seriously too cute. we all had three lanes beside each other all to ourselves. the place was not too busy at all (to our surprise), and the air conditioning felt amazing. all around a great time!