Saturday, May 9, 2009

we are family...

saturday after carson's birthday party, the girls took a good 3 hour nap...not to mention so did mom and dad. we were exhausted from all the fun. later, we headed over to my mom and dad's house to meet for dinner with all of our out-of-town family. tita agot, tito jesse, and cousin joy-joy drove from florida while tita annette, tito indi, cousin love, and cousin luke all came from california. we were so excited and happy that we got to hang out with family we haven't seen in years. when the filipino mafia all get together, we get rowdy. just ask my mom. it calls for a weekend of no sleep, lots of loud, loud chatter, and enough food to feed all of china. it's fun. it's family.the kids got to play together, and it was fun watching the mabster and cousin luke hold hands and sing "ring around the rosies" 50 million times. this is what memories are made of. thank you family for coming to visit for the weekend. we had a blast, and we love you guys!