Tuesday, June 30, 2009

dinner party

last week, gina hosted a MNO dinner party at her house. her hubs is italian and was brought up being taught how to make a mean batch of pasta. thomas made baked ziti while we all brought an extra side dish to share. the spread was so deliciously delicious. oh, and for the record, i loved her house. it's an older home in crestwood and has so much character. here are some pics of earlier in the night.after we all finished dinner, we all gathered on gina's front porch for some chit chat and the such. her porch was the perfect size to accommodate all of us. it was funny how we all ended up sitting in one big circle. i swear i thought we'd be singing kumbaya by the end of the night. with the porch being screened in and the ceiling fans above, it felt wonderful. you could hear the trains choo-choo by, and i loved thinking i was on the set of fried green tomatoes. it was awesome. so thank you for having us, gina. we really enjoyed it and can't wait to do it again!

Monday, June 29, 2009

farewell thy ginormous tree

i almost forgot about blogging these pics. had i forgotten, it would have been a crime. anyway, a couple of weeks ago during one of the big thunderstorms we had, the huge tree that sat in my mom and dad's front yard had been blown over. it was so sad. devastating actually. that tree had been there for over 30+ years, and i can't even imagine walking up to my mom and dad's house with it being gone. the tree is H.U.G.E. bad news is that it fell over. the good news, however, was that it didn't land on the house. ouch. that would have hurt. here's a pic of my family sitting on the 8th wonder of the world gone down...that last pic is all of us being silly and acting like we are riding the log fumes at six flags. further evidence and explanation of where i come from. go ahead and smile while shaking your head, you know it's funny. also, notice in this next picture of my mom and dad together. check out those roots (or lack thereof) and the inside of the tree. see how the squirrels and other critters had completely eaten away the inside of it? i knew i hated those darn varmints.lastly, lola had to run inside real quick and grab her cat (KJ) for our last family picture with the great big tree. she loves that cat. it is the love of her life. second is auburn football. i digress. overall, we are very saddened to see it go. karmie made sure we all met to take pictures with it before the guy came to cut it up and clean it out of the front yard. i haven't been back to see what it looks like without it there. quite honestly, i don't want to see the void there. i say the next time we all meet up at mom and dad's house, we plant a new tree in it's place. either that, or a tombstone.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


the traditional wedding anniversary gift for one's 4th year is fruit and flowers. we're both not too big on going all out with expensive gifts not unless it's something we *really* want. with that said, i assumed a sweet card and a hawt date night out would be more than perfect. well, i got this instead along with the said hawt date...a bouquet of fruit that looks like flowers!! isn't it just beautiful!? i may be living under a rock, but i've never seen something like this so i thought it was awesome. also, because it tied in both traditional gifts, i was more than impressed. it tastes just as good as it looks too. i don't think i've ever inhaled that much kiwi, grapes, mango, pineapples, chocolate-covered strawberries, and cantaloupe in one weekend ever. it was almost too pretty to eat...almost.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

alabama adventure

saturday, we made our way to our great state's very own amusement park since the birmingham airport was hosting a special luncheon type thing for all it's employees and their families. we all got free tickets to both the magic city park, splash beach, a catered lunch, wrists bands that allowed us unlimited drinks any time we wanted, as well as, food tickets for dinner. it was sweet. i'm sure we wouldn't have gone to AA on a busy saturday in this kind of heat if it weren't for the fact that everything was free, and more importantly, our dad wanted all of us to go so that everyone could meet his kids and grand kids. it was fun. we headed to splash beach and floated down the lazy river (i forget it's real name, but that's what we call it). later, we let the kids play at the toddler area where jay and lyla went down the miniature slide together.lola hung out in the shade and watched lyla for us since we all wanted to ride on the log fumes and some of the other big kid rides. thank god for lola. i remember when i was a kid at an amusement park. she never cared to go on any of the rides. she'd rather just hold all of our stuff and people watch while waiting. needless to say, that day was the perfect day for it. HA! so we were headed in that direction when the mabster spotted the carousel. she took off running with daddy and i right behind her. we rode it twice. it took a lot of distracting and bribing to dodge going on it a third time, but we succeeded. the mabster told us that her horsey won the race. we congratulated her and went about our merry little way.afterwards, we stopped to get some free drinks at the concession stand. operation averted so we headed to log fumes instead. again, we rode those twice. it was nice not having to wait in not much of a line. we were surprised. even more surprised that the mabster didn't have any meltdowns while waiting. next, we rode the great river gorge. this one was always my favorite when i was a little girl at six flags. the mabster enjoyed it, especially since mommy risked getting wet for her. it actually felt wonderful because it was hot as a mofo out there. i was begging to be splashed!after enjoying all the rides, we met back up with lola and turned in our food tickets for dinner. we couldn't believe that a chicken basket was $8, but then we didn't care since we were getting it free. nice. so thank you papaw, and thank you b'ham airport. we're so glad you love your job, and that they are good to you. we really did enjoy it.

Friday, June 26, 2009

the honeymoon

Thursday, June 25, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) monday night, karla and i went to dinner with one of our dear old high school friends (nat). after posting some old school pics in honor of our upcoming reunion on facebook, it sparked up conversation to get together. it was so much fun. some things i had completely forgotten about till they were brought up. good times. can't wait to do it again!

2.) the mabster has found a new pastime. she likes to wash her strawberry shortcake doll in the bathroom sink. i have even caught her washing the doll's toe-toes with a toothbrush. nice.

3.) little toshy likes to pinch daddy's nipples. she thinks they are buttons. i can't help but laugh. the action is contagious, and now i catch myself doing it as well. except when i go after them, i like to scream, "calling tokyo!" jay doesn't like it. so i do it more. hopefully, he won't come after mine.

4.) sunday, jay and the guys are heading up to the lake house for some drunk male bonding. they are calling in sick on monday (which i'm sure will be the honest truth if you know what i mean). i just pray no one ends up passed out in the lake at 4am. if only i could be there to take pictures. HA!

5.) today, i get to get my hair done did. my roots and highlights are looking rough. nothing like a fresh 'do to make a gal feel pretty.

6.) jay and i are planning to celebrate our anniversary tomorrow night with a hawt date of dinner and movie. i'm excited. our one-on-one time is crucial, and i love every minute of it.

7.) the mabster learned her first prayer at school, and the other day, she busted out singing it. it's the prayer they say right before they eat their lunch. i know this may freak some people out, but i absolutely love it. absolutely.

8.) are you ready for this? are you sure? please. sit down....we're not going to the lake this weekend. tragic, i know...

9.) instead, we are having a fun family day at alabama adventures on saturday since my dad got us all free tickets since they are having an event with free food and the such for the company he works for. mommy likey.

10.) i was given a camera for my 12th birthday by a friend who's dad worked for kodak. result? i have become the mamarazzi.

11.) i have been a reminiscing fool these past 2 weeks. i feel like i have looked through every picture i have ever taken. and damn. that's a lot. it has provided me with a lot of day dreaming, but now i am back to reality. kim douglas? present!

12.) tonight, i'm meeting up with my gal pals at gina's house. i'm really looking forward to it for obvious reasons, but also because we get to smooth out all the important details for our upcoming beach trip. ya know, things like claiming our cuddle buddies of whom we're sharing a bed with and what kind of outfits to bring. in the words of poodlehead, "anything that shows your breasts." LOL

and lastly,

13.) this week has been very slow paced compared to my normal daily activities. i've really enjoyed myself. for example, i have made 50 different trails of fruity cheerios around this house just to watch lyla crawl around and pick them up. military crawl no more, the girl is every where!

happy 4th anniversary to us!

four years ago today, we said our "i do's." we got married at st. francis xavier catholic church. it was beautiful. the reception followed downtown at the harbert center. it was crazy fun. we stayed at the historic tutwiler hotel for our wedding night, and i was ready to rip off that dress the minute we entered the elevators. we woke up in the wee hours of the morning to board our flight for a cruise to the caribbean for our honeymoon. it was official. we were mr. and mrs douglas. happy 4th anniversary to us!

"If you live one hundred years, I hope I live one hundred years minus one day so that I never have to live without you." - winnie the pooh

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

wordless wednesday

wedding eve

four years ago today, the bridal showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties had all come to a end. we were at the church rehearsing for the big day followed by a lovely dinner with close family and friends. the big day was breathing down upon us...