Saturday, June 27, 2009

alabama adventure

saturday, we made our way to our great state's very own amusement park since the birmingham airport was hosting a special luncheon type thing for all it's employees and their families. we all got free tickets to both the magic city park, splash beach, a catered lunch, wrists bands that allowed us unlimited drinks any time we wanted, as well as, food tickets for dinner. it was sweet. i'm sure we wouldn't have gone to AA on a busy saturday in this kind of heat if it weren't for the fact that everything was free, and more importantly, our dad wanted all of us to go so that everyone could meet his kids and grand kids. it was fun. we headed to splash beach and floated down the lazy river (i forget it's real name, but that's what we call it). later, we let the kids play at the toddler area where jay and lyla went down the miniature slide together.lola hung out in the shade and watched lyla for us since we all wanted to ride on the log fumes and some of the other big kid rides. thank god for lola. i remember when i was a kid at an amusement park. she never cared to go on any of the rides. she'd rather just hold all of our stuff and people watch while waiting. needless to say, that day was the perfect day for it. HA! so we were headed in that direction when the mabster spotted the carousel. she took off running with daddy and i right behind her. we rode it twice. it took a lot of distracting and bribing to dodge going on it a third time, but we succeeded. the mabster told us that her horsey won the race. we congratulated her and went about our merry little way.afterwards, we stopped to get some free drinks at the concession stand. operation averted so we headed to log fumes instead. again, we rode those twice. it was nice not having to wait in not much of a line. we were surprised. even more surprised that the mabster didn't have any meltdowns while waiting. next, we rode the great river gorge. this one was always my favorite when i was a little girl at six flags. the mabster enjoyed it, especially since mommy risked getting wet for her. it actually felt wonderful because it was hot as a mofo out there. i was begging to be splashed!after enjoying all the rides, we met back up with lola and turned in our food tickets for dinner. we couldn't believe that a chicken basket was $8, but then we didn't care since we were getting it free. nice. so thank you papaw, and thank you b'ham airport. we're so glad you love your job, and that they are good to you. we really did enjoy it.