Friday, June 5, 2009

the best of brewfest

* our cute little souvenir magic city brewfest 2009 shot glasses.

* scoring free comp passes for both beer and food thanks to family in the bar & grill industry.* watching random short young fratastic boys wait in line repeatedly for a shot of raspberry smirnoff ice.

* many trips with stacy to get more brooklyn beer and laughing as she closed the tent down in attempts to stay loyal to her roots.

* listening to the guys and all their drunken "man plans."* stacy and her frantically flying peace signs.

* seeing the garden that is no more after more than 7 years ago when jay and i volunteered to create it while attending UAB's Into The Streets.

* laughing so hard that i practically pissed myself. oh wait...* our girl group shot with santa attempting to photobomb it. unfortunately, he was unsuccessful which is a shame because lisette really wanted to sit in his lap.

* attempting to take a girl pic that resembled the cingular bar, but miscalculating our heights. blame it on the brews.* being buzzed to the point that everything started tasting the same so i headed back to smirnoff. he's a good man.

* the huge pizza that jay bought as we were walking out that everyone grabbed at so we ended up going home with 2 slices. guess the BL gods were watching us.

* just being silly and laughing nonstop with great friends. it was a blazzzast, and we can't wait till next year!