Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ddd, ddd, DORA!!

tonight, we joined our BFFs for a double date family night at the bjcc. dora the explorer was in town, and our kids are crazy crackas for some dora. we dropped off lylabug at nana lin's house and then went to dinner. the mitchelle's bought us all tickets so that we could sit beside each other and enjoy the show. picture taking during the performance was strictly prohibited, and the thought of it had me shaking. i think i was experiencing a bit of DTs. i digress.the show was super cute. both the mabster and lil B busted out into song and knew every word, as well as auntie stacy. the mabster waved and screamed out every characters name, and when asked at the end what her favorite part was, she responded with "swiper." of course my kid would like the thief the best. go figure. my favorite part though was how chunky the girl who played dora was. gotta love seeing a thick girl up there on stage dancing around and having a good ole time. now that's what i'm talking about! i was mesmerized by her ghetto booty in orange shorts. loved every second of it. here's some pics i took at the end of the show once i knew i wouldn't get kicked out for taking them...overall, it was a great time. we love taking the kids to stuff like this. in my opinion, it's worth every penny. oh and btw, we totally didn't plan to dress our girls in the same matching colored dress that day, i swear. it's just proof that great minds think alike, eh?