Tuesday, June 30, 2009

dinner party

last week, gina hosted a MNO dinner party at her house. her hubs is italian and was brought up being taught how to make a mean batch of pasta. thomas made baked ziti while we all brought an extra side dish to share. the spread was so deliciously delicious. oh, and for the record, i loved her house. it's an older home in crestwood and has so much character. here are some pics of earlier in the night.after we all finished dinner, we all gathered on gina's front porch for some chit chat and the such. her porch was the perfect size to accommodate all of us. it was funny how we all ended up sitting in one big circle. i swear i thought we'd be singing kumbaya by the end of the night. with the porch being screened in and the ceiling fans above, it felt wonderful. you could hear the trains choo-choo by, and i loved thinking i was on the set of fried green tomatoes. it was awesome. so thank you for having us, gina. we really enjoyed it and can't wait to do it again!