Friday, June 19, 2009

drunko bunco

friday night marked our monthly bunco session, and it was hosted at my house. i was excited. it meant i got to drink however much i wanted knowing that i could just pass out on my own floor. i polished off the rest of my margarita mix that had been in the fridge since...well crappit, i'm not even sure when. nonetheless, it went down smoothly. it gave me a nice little buzz.anywayz, as usual, i wrote down the funny comments that were made on the back of my score sheet, however, i seem to have misplaced it. i believe it found it's way to the trash can as everyone so nicely started helping me clean up by the end of the night. oh drat. there goes my highlights report. boo. but i will say this...seis's mouth was outstandingly hilarious that night. she was on a roll. her mouth. not her bunco skills. you know it's gonna be a good time when she walks through the door warning us that her facebook status is "plans to be completely inappropriate and over the top tonight. Tomorrow... the gossip will be about me." love it. some key words that were talked about that were absolutely hysterical when flowing with one consecutive conversation were: toothbrush, spanx, strippers, and yeastie beasties. we even laughed about "jibbly bits" on the message board. too here are the winners: biggest winner (woot-woot) was *yours truly.* biggest loser was lynda, and the most buncos was awarded to lisette. we had roll offs in each category, yet i don't even remember who competed against whom. i'm just glad i won and now have an excuse to go shopping for our upcoming girl's beach trip. color me excited!!


Trista said...

I've never played Bunco but I hear it's really fun. Looks like y'all had a blast!

Kim said...

trista, it's super easy. all you do is roll the dice and run your mouth at the same time. HA! :)