Monday, June 29, 2009

farewell thy ginormous tree

i almost forgot about blogging these pics. had i forgotten, it would have been a crime. anyway, a couple of weeks ago during one of the big thunderstorms we had, the huge tree that sat in my mom and dad's front yard had been blown over. it was so sad. devastating actually. that tree had been there for over 30+ years, and i can't even imagine walking up to my mom and dad's house with it being gone. the tree is H.U.G.E. bad news is that it fell over. the good news, however, was that it didn't land on the house. ouch. that would have hurt. here's a pic of my family sitting on the 8th wonder of the world gone down...that last pic is all of us being silly and acting like we are riding the log fumes at six flags. further evidence and explanation of where i come from. go ahead and smile while shaking your head, you know it's funny. also, notice in this next picture of my mom and dad together. check out those roots (or lack thereof) and the inside of the tree. see how the squirrels and other critters had completely eaten away the inside of it? i knew i hated those darn varmints.lastly, lola had to run inside real quick and grab her cat (KJ) for our last family picture with the great big tree. she loves that cat. it is the love of her life. second is auburn football. i digress. overall, we are very saddened to see it go. karmie made sure we all met to take pictures with it before the guy came to cut it up and clean it out of the front yard. i haven't been back to see what it looks like without it there. quite honestly, i don't want to see the void there. i say the next time we all meet up at mom and dad's house, we plant a new tree in it's place. either that, or a tombstone.


Anonymous said...

you crack me up with the tree being there 30+ years. our yard has been there 30 years but that tree was there closer to 300.

Katie & Frank said...

You should've counted the rings, then there would be no question!

K-Mom said...

WOW! It's a miracle that didn't land on your parents house! I love the pic of all of you sitting on the tree, it really shows the scale of how big it actually was.

Your family looks like so much fun!

Kim said...

karmie~ i typed that because i swore i heard your mother say it 5 times that day we were all there. it has since then stuck in my head. gotta love lola's repetition.

katie~ we totally should have! i completely forgot about doing that.

k-mom~ i agree, the biggest surprise was that it didn't land on the house! we were all shocked. and btw, it was a pain in my arse trying to climb up on that thing. seriously. it felt like i was sitting on pinecombs. eek!