Tuesday, June 9, 2009

first day of school

today, the mabster went to her first day of school. i don't know who was more nervous about it, me or her? she's been talking about it for months now and has always acted super excited about actually getting to go. as a mother though, you can never predict how your child is going to act until d-day is right upon you. the morning started off excellent. daddy made us breakfast while i got the mabster's backpack and lunch box ready. we headed out the door, got there early, and took some quick pics (surprise!). we met our second family there and watched as the girls entered their classroom.as soon as we walked in, the teacher greeted us at the door. the mabster then proceeded to put her lunch box in the classroom's refrigerator and her backpack in the cubby with her name on it. daddy and i talked with her teacher (ms. lisa) for a bit, and she introduced the mabster to some of her recent students. we immediately felt so comfortable with the thought of leaving her there.we gave the mabster quick hugs and kisses and told her to have fun playing with all her new friends at "big girl school." then, we scattered like roaches and made a beeline for the door. we hid beside the door and waited. tears? screams? panic attack? we heard nothing. and with that silence, i felt my little girl had officially grown up. i couldn't believe it. she doesn't miss me yet? not even daddy too? (sigh) i tear up. shocked. proud. there were so many mixed emotions. it honestly reminded me of the quote...

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” Elizabeth Stone

so off to the movie theatre, lyla and i went. we met up with some friends to watch kung fu panda since it was free and well air-conditioned. later after lunch and errands, it was time to pick the mabster back up. as soon as i opened the door, she ran to me saying, "mommy" and gave me a big hug. augh, again i am putty in her hands. ms. lisa gave us a good report. she said that the mabster loves to sing. that after every song the class would sing, she'd throw her hands up and say, "let's sing this one..." then make up her own words, but sing it to the same tune. she said the mabster could possibly be the next american idol. i replied back with, "not if she karaokes like her mother." ms. lisa also said that they drew bugs with stamps and watched the movie a bug's life. with that said, here is the first of many school projects that will be displayed on our fridge. god, i love being a mom. we love you, mabster. and we're so glad you enjoyed your first day of school!


Anonymous said...

YAY Abby!!! You're a BIG girl now!



Kim said...

thanks, amy!! :)

Hill Family said...
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Hill Family said...

Our kids are growing up so fast. It's crazy to think how little they were when we first met each other. She looks so cute with her little backpack. I'm glad she is liking school.

sorry I deleted my last comment - too many typing errors ;)