Tuesday, June 23, 2009

good intentions

jay and i had a longer engagement than what we would have liked. the reason being is because we wanted to have our ducks in a row and more importantly, in order. we waited until after i graduated nursing school. it was the hardest thing i've ever done. then, i began working at st. vincent hospital on 5 west (cardiac floor).jay graduated UAB with a major in computer science and a double minor in chemistry and biology. throughout college, he interned at the same company he works for now. they hired him quickly, and later, he got a huge promotion which only secured the feeling of being "settled."we decided to start building our very first house. we got to pick out everything from the paint colors to the tile to the light fixtures to the counter tops and everything in between. i swear, i drove by our house every single day while it was being built just to check out the progress. after the whole closing process was finished, we were ready.our wedding day was right around the corner, and we anxiously awaited to start our next chapter together as husband and wife.