Sunday, June 7, 2009

happy birthday, cade!

sunday, we went to a party at splash pad to celebrate cade's 2nd birthday. it was held from 6-8 pm, and i was so incredibly glad because by that time the weather had cooled down tremendously. i have to admit that after hanging out on the lake all day and then driving back home for the party, i was utterly exhausted. quite grumpy too might i add, but i pushed through it because i really wanted the girls to go. more importantly, i wanted to see my friend, kristen. for you see, we graduated nursing school together and had shared many clinical rotations at the same hospital. she was always there for me when i needed her. we only really get to see each other for our kid's birthday parties so i wasn't going to miss.the mabster ran around with daddy the whole time while i chatted and held lyla...see, this is why hubby always comes to birthday parties with me. gotta love a fierce man-to-man defense. here they are all going down the slide together. it was lyla's first time down a slide, and well, i don't think she liked one minute of it. funny story: the mabster just *had* to bring her strawberry shortcake doll with her to splash pad because she swore SS wanted to play too. what can you do? also, the crowd went wild when one little boy pulled his swim trunks down and proceeded to take a leak on one of the little fountains that was squirting up. it was the funniest thing ever, and don't worry, i am not the only one who felt the need to get a quick pic of it. his momma said that he is still learning how to properly potty train and has been peeing where ever he likes. again, what can you do?overall, it was a great time. i really enjoyed seeing and catching up with an old friend while the kids played. her little boy is precious, and thank you for having us. happy 2nd birthday, cade!