Wednesday, June 3, 2009

relief is sweet

i seem to have lost my cell phone. 3 days ago. i have turned the house over, inside and out. i cancelled on playgroups in hopes of finding it. that, and the thought of driving around with 2 kids in this heat with no source of contacting anyone in case of an emergency made me super uneasy. i have secluded myself to my house. it has made me irritable, grumpy, and pissy. if you couldn't tell by my previous posts, i like to get out and go.

another reason for all my frustrations is that i am texting whore. it's quick. it's easy. it makes me feel in touch and in the loop even if it's just asking a simple question to a friend. also, without my phone i do not know phone numbers. in fact, i have memorized my BFFs, but that's about it. all i have to say is, thank gawd for my email, message board, and facebook. they have relieved me from feeling "disconnected" from the outside world. who could have known that a simple thing such as a lost cell phone would play such an affect on me?

i even had to vent with hubby about it last night. he understands. he is a techy dork ten times worse than i am. i knew he would feel empathy for me. i'll admit. i milked it. even busted out some tears just to get a back rub which only lead to well, you know, the good stuff. he knows me well. he knows what will work. for my advantage and his own. by the end of the night, i felt refreshed. haven't cried in a long time so it was refreshing. some times you just need a good cry to make you feel like yourself again.

today? i found it! it was hiding behind a picture frame in lyla's room. i must have put it there while putting her laundry up, or the mabster has now decided to play hide-and-go-seek with mommy's toys. either way, i'm glad it is in my hands again. rainbows and sunshine are oozing out of my arse. life is good, and am itching for fun at the playgroup at devon's tomorrow. let the go, go, go begin!!


BlessedMom said...

Every once in awhile that St. Anthony will come through for you!!! I'm so excited you'll be here tomorrow! Looking forward to it.

Kim said...

girl, you don't know how many times i repeated that prayer. sheesh! luckily, he came around though.

can't wait to see you guys tomorrow too!!