Sunday, June 28, 2009


the traditional wedding anniversary gift for one's 4th year is fruit and flowers. we're both not too big on going all out with expensive gifts not unless it's something we *really* want. with that said, i assumed a sweet card and a hawt date night out would be more than perfect. well, i got this instead along with the said hawt date...a bouquet of fruit that looks like flowers!! isn't it just beautiful!? i may be living under a rock, but i've never seen something like this so i thought it was awesome. also, because it tied in both traditional gifts, i was more than impressed. it tastes just as good as it looks too. i don't think i've ever inhaled that much kiwi, grapes, mango, pineapples, chocolate-covered strawberries, and cantaloupe in one weekend ever. it was almost too pretty to eat...almost.


Katie & Frank said...

I love those things!

Kim said...

i didn't even know they made them!! LOL